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Synthesized a11y mouse events are indistinguishable from physical mouse events.


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This is a challenge in AccessFu where we need to intercept and cancel physical mouse and touch events. We need to let through mouse events that have been dispatched from nsIAccessible::doAction().

There are two options:
1. Create a new source in nsIDOMMouseEvent called MOZ_SOURCE_ACCESSIBILITY, and set mouse event sources to use it.
2. Set mouse event sources to MOZ_SOURCE_UNKNOWN. This is the convention used for scripted mouse events.

I think option 2 is good enough for now, since this is technically a scripted click.
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Give dispatched mouse events from a11y an unkown input source.

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So you want to ignore it in AccessFu then unknown should work, I hope core doesn't process mouse source events differently.

Marco, it'd be good to have a testing of accessible actions
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Give dispatched mouse events from a11y an unkown input source.

f=me. This doesn't look like it's breaking screen reader interactions. I tested clickables, links, form field focusing from a screen reader etc., and all still work as expected.
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Might change our mind if we later want to robot test.
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