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The documentation for Mail & Newsgroups Preferences - Message Display, suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help/mailnews_preferences.xhtml starting in line #107, is mostly outdated and needs to be extended by recent additions and modifications (e.g., bug 80574, bug 309057, settings for quoted messages, and any upcoming changes from bug 867210).
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> -<p>Message Display preferences allow you to choose how messages are
> -  displayed (for example, font style and color) in all accounts. If you are not
> -  already viewing the Message Display settings, follow these steps:</p>

Removed the part in parentheses given that font style and color are primarily set in the Appearance tab.

> -  <li><strong>When opening messages, display them in</strong>: Here you can
> -    choose if you want to reuse a message window for the next mail or if you
> -    want to open a new one for each.</li>

Expanded this to explicitly list the options along and added a description for the checkbox introduced with bug 80574.

> -  <li><strong>Wait [__] seconds before marking a message as read</strong>:

Modified to reflect bug 867210 and removed the now obsolete note.

> +  <li><strong>Show only display name for people in my address book</strong>:

Documented the checkbox added by bug 309057.

> -  <li><strong>Plain Text Messages</strong>: Select the font you prefer for
> -    viewing plain-text messages: fixed width or variable width. Choosing a font
> -    style, size, and color for quoted plain-text messages can help you more

I've moved the second part on quoted messages to the very end, in accordance with the actual placement in the pane.

> -    easily distinguish quoted text (usually a message that&apos;s been
> -    forwarded to you or by you).

Interesting, the last time I've seen "forward as quoted" was with Netscape 4.x, so that's definitely obsoleted. Replaced with a reference to quoted content when replying.

> +        This option also controls some common plain-text formatting conventions:

I've added those two examples to show that it also affects other content, not just the emoticons.
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Proposed patch

>+++ b/suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help/mailnews_preferences.xhtml

>+  <li><strong>Show only display name for people in my address book</strong>:
>+    Check this if you want to save some space in the message headers where
>+    email addresses are shown. If selected, known senders and recipients are
>+    only listed with their display names, their email addresses are hidden.</li>
Is it worth mentioning that their email addresses are shown when you hover over the display names?

>+  <li><strong>Automatically mark messages as read</strong>: Check this option
>+    to mark messages as read once they are opened. (This checkbox is selected
>+    by default.)
>+    <ul>
>+      <li><strong>Only after displaying for [__] seconds</strong>: Choose this
>+        option if you do not want a message to be marked as read when you are
>+        only taking a brief look at it. Enter the number of seconds you want a
>+        message to be displayed before it gets marked as read automatically.
Shouldn't the checkbox be mentioned?

>+          <tr align="center">
>+            <td>+/-1</td>
>+            <td>±1</td>
Not sure what the symbol is before the ±

f=me for the moment as I would like to review the new patch.
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(In reply to Ian Neal from comment #2)
> Is it worth mentioning that their email addresses are shown when you hover
> over the display names?

Sure, I've added a sentence pointing this out.

> Shouldn't the checkbox be mentioned?

I've made it clearer that it's a checkbox now, and also added at the end a sentence what happens if it's not checked, thus should be unambiguous now.

> >+            <td>±1</td>
> Not sure what the symbol is before the ±

That's \302\261 for ± in UTF encoding. The 0080 page happens to be derived from ISO-8859-1, thus you see ± instead when looking at it in that encoding.

It shows up correctly in the Help window for me, and when looking at the patch with a browser or a UTF-capable editor (just Wordpad won't do).
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Proposed patch (v2)

Looks good to me.
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Thanks Ian, push for comm-central please.
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