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[META] Update Help for pref panes and shortcuts


(SeaMonkey :: Help Documentation, defect)

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(Reporter: InvisibleSmiley, Unassigned)


(Depends on 5 open bugs)


Work on Help has stalled. I'm filing this meta bug in an effort to achieve a minimal set of documentation updates for SM 2.1, starting with Preferences and shortcuts.

Please don't think of this as a wish list but rather a list of things that should be doable in the 2.1 time frame, i.e. please don't "randomly" add bugs. Of course, bugs not tracked here can/should be fixed for 2.1 as well but maybe with lower priority.

The below are older or look a bit complicated, leaving out for now:
bug 459580
bug 455416
bug 416242
No longer depends on: 623901
Depends on: 641252
Depends on: 599097
Hmm, bug 599097 would surely be nice but I don't know whether it's a priority. I guess we'll see.
2.1 has come and gone. Either close this bug or change the summary. Jens?
Alias: HELP21
Depends on: 605841, 698038, 455416, 416242
Summary: [META] Help bugs with 2.1 priority → [META] Update Help for pref panes and shortcuts
Depends on: 416234, 519332, 771534
Depends on: 868419
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