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There are several files throughout the tree - these should be converted to a format. The ipc/ipdl/ is the place where all of the individual files are included and used, so this will need to be converted as well. Finally, the existing ipc/ipdl/ file needs to be updated so it creates CPP_SOURCES using python rather than make syntax.
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I'm kinda sorta working on this.
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Duplicate of this bug: 782846
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Here's my first draft at this. I attempted to make it as minimally
invasive as possible. All the files in the tree have their
content merged with files. All ipdl files are collected during traversal and written out to a single .mk file during backend
generation. It seems to "just work."

Patch is based on top of XPIDL work in bug 850380, although should be
easy enough to rebase. I told joey and mshal that I'd wait for all their
in-progress conversions to land so I don't bit rot them.

This patch needs tests before it can be submitted for review.
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Rebased the original patch. This patch also includes:

1) Simple frontend & backend tests for IPDL_SOURCES.
2) Removed PROTOCOLS definition in favor of writing CPPSRCS directly in This allows us to remove the ugly CPP_SOURCES += ['$(PROTOCOLS:%.ipdl=%.cpp'... definition from
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Taking ownership of this.
Assignee: gps → mshal
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Move files to

Review of attachment 770183 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks good to me. I worry about some path encoding issues on Windows. But if it passes Try on Windows, we should be good to land.

I can't wait for the followup where we finally fix the ipdl build rules to introduce proper dependencies!

::: python/mozbuild/mozbuild/backend/
@@ +179,5 @@
>          elif isinstance(obj, Exports):
>              self._process_exports(obj.exports, backend_file)
> +        elif isinstance(obj, IPDLFile):
> +            self._ipdl_sources.add('%s/%s' % (obj.srcdir, obj.basename))

This should probably be using mozpack.path.join, but I think the source variables should be sufficiently sanitized that it shouldn't matter.
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Updated to use mozpack.path.join, and rebased to pull in js/ipc/ and ipc/ipdl/test/cxx/ changes. r=gps carried forward.
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