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Enable testClearPrivateData


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Robocop test testClearPrivateData was disabled while investigating Panda instability. We should enable it now.

Unfortunately, there were changes to the menu structure while it was disabled -- we need to accommodate those changes.
On tablets, Clear Private Data is in a Privacy and Security section now. We need to select the section, then the item. 

While I was at it, I increased the max wait time for the notification; this allows the test to pass on my Galaxy S, for the first time ever (see bug 837274).
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enable testClearPrivateData

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::: mobile/android/base/tests/
@@ +34,4 @@
>          mAsserter.ok(mSolo.searchButton("Clear data"),"checking clear button","clear button exists");
>          mSolo.clickOnButton("Clear data");
> +        // TODO: extra long wait here for bug 837274
> +"Private data cleared", 0, 60000),true,"private data cleared successfully");

I really don't like this 60 second wait, but I do like tests that work!
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The first patch introduced some utilities in BaseTest; this patch uses those changes to clean up some other tests.

Try run is a little disappointing, but I think the failures are just existing issues:
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(2) Follow-up: use BaseTest.mDevice and selectSettingsItem()

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do we have a try run with a handful of retriggers?  some of these tests are changing enough that I would like some assurance this is not making it worse.
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There is a try run shown in Comment 5, and here's another: I think the patch is OK, but rc2 is not reliable enough right now to get a reassuring try run. I will not land this just yet.
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