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Create a mini test framework for Web Audio


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This is long overdue.  My goals are to stop repeating the same code over and over again, make it easier to add new tests, and make it very easy to run most of our tests work with OfflineAudioContext when I finish implementing that.  As a bonus, this might open up a path for us to run these tests stand-alone in Chrome, but I don't wanna hold this up on that for now.
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This should be easier to review.
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The patch itself.
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Ah, wrong bug.  Too many tabs open. :(
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This is really nice!

r+ with or without that change.

::: content/media/webaudio/test/webaudio.js
@@ +74,5 @@
> + *                everything needed in order to set up the Web Audio graph.
> + *                In async mode, it takes a callback which should be called
> + *                with an argument set to the node to be inspected when the
> + *                callee is ready to proceed with the test.  In sync mode, it
> + *                returns the node to be inspected.

I think it would be a bit cleaner to have createGraph and createGraphAsync and call the former if it exists, otherwise the latter. Right now you're overloading createGraph with two different kinds of things.
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Mass moving Web Audio bugs to the Web Audio component.  Filter on duckityduck.
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