Linear gradient rendering fails on tall pages. Windows, Linux, Android.




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6 years ago
Encountered this on a production site with a linear gradient from light grey to slightly darker grey.
Scrolling down a long page under Windows, the background suddenly turned black.

Fiddling with toggling CSS settings, unfocusing firefox, scrolling up and down revealed rendering bugs shifted.

Sometimes all white would be shown, sometimes white and black with chunks.  Sometimes the gradient would repeat. is a quick test page.  Will attach.

If I scroll down in Linux, the gradient restarts about half way down.  When I scroll all the way to the end, I see blue, red and green instead of just red.  If I focus away, it corrects itself, although errors reappear on scrolling again.

Under Windows, green (the background colour) begins about half-way down.  If I unfocus Firefox with the green filling the viewport, the green jumps to fill all of it.

Under Android (Gingerbread, SPH-M930), green appears half-way down, but if I keep scrolling, the gradient starts over.  If I switch to another tab in Android, and switch back, the green behaves similar to Windows.

OSX 10.7.5 appears to work correctly.

Tested in Firefox Nightly on all platforms.  Tried disabling layers accel under Linux, didn't help.

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6 years ago
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Demo of problem

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6 years ago
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Actual testcase

Sorry, misread the fields in the attachment form.

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Demo of problem

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FWIW, I can confirm this on Win 7 only with GDI i.e. HWA off.
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2 years ago
I can not reproduce this symptom on win10/ubuntu 16/mac....


2 years ago
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