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[Dialer] UI doesn't draw properly if system resources are taxed while a call is incoming


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Ikura, while running 1.0.1 latest Commercial RIL build:

Gaia   57188a05fe5b669fc98bfcc18a49c9b3effdac06
BuildID 20130514070202
Version 18.0

1. Music app playing without headphones in
2. While Aggressively pinching and zooming Here Maps, dial the phone
3. Receive the attached screenshot

I can reproduce this all the time - I can tap on the bar at the top and see the full dialer UI, but I would expect on an incoming call to be able to see the full dialer UI (answer button and hangup button).

I can reproduce this by just doing Step #2 without music as well.
See also bug 873094, which may or may not be related.
blocking-b2g: --- → leo?
Or should this be tef?  An incoming call being delayed (bug 847592) seems about as bad as this bug.
Interestingly enough, during testing last evening while I was doing nothing with the Ikura device, I hit this scenario as well. But I don't recall how many apps or system resources were consumed at that time, I wasn't doing any pinching or zooming and I didn't have music playing and it still occurred.
(In reply to Justin Lebar [:jlebar] from comment #2)
> Or should this be tef?  An incoming call being delayed (bug 847592) seems
> about as bad as this bug.

This problem/solution is too undefined for v1.0.1. Will leave this to partners to decide on whether this should block 1.1 for them.
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Is it reproducible in recent version?
Please check and comment again.
Is it reproducible in recent version?
To make a decision, Please check and comment again.
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I will try in a more recent build on Ikura and report back.
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What's the feedback Marcia ?
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Right now I am blocked by Bug 876772 - I cannot receive any incoming calls on the most recent Inari/Ikura builds.
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Marcia, please renominate if you're able to repro.
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Haven't been able to replicate this bug. Closing this out as WFM since it is also very dated at this point.
Closed: 10 years ago
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