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[A/V] Should Music APP Support to Play Wave File?


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Hi all,

About audio of wave format, I tested that Browser can support to play Wave (raw PCM). But music app doesn't support it because .wav is not in filter list of May I know does Firefox OS would let App to play .wav file from DeviceStorage API?

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Hi Marco, from user perspective, I believe we should support wav file in FxOS.
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If we want to support wav file in Music app, there are things we need to change:

1. Gecko: Add *.wav to for music so that deviceStorage can return wav files.
2. Gaia: Modify metadata.js to let Music app be able to parse the metadata of wav file.
User Impact:
  User can't play WAVE file in SD Card from Music app but can play in the browser with audio tag.

  1. Gecko already support to play WAVE file.
  2. Add .wav into
  2. But gaia needs to implement metadata parsing or use audio.mozGetMetaData().
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Should we support audio wav files ?
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(In reply to David Scravaglieri [:scravag] from comment #4)
> Should we support audio wav files ?

Please see comment 1.
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Taking comment 1 to mean that we should consider a low risk patch nomination once available, but not block.
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Depends on: 894778
Wave file can be played on Nexus-4.
Pushed wave file (sms.wav) and was able to play in Music2 and Music App.
Build Information :
Platform Version : 27.0a1
Git Commit Info : 8f01f87a1e74475ba681a37d74450d2b6361c627, 2013-10-28 09.55.01
Am unable to play .wav files on today's Flame 3.0 as they do not show up in the music app when stored on SD card.

Downloading sample .wav files from the web (e.g. refuse to open either giving a message about there being a "problem opening the file". This is despite .wav files being listed as compatible on

Device: Flame 3.0 Master
Build ID: 20150324010202
Gaia: efebbafd12fc42ddcd378948b683a51106517660
Gecko: 840cfd5bc971
Gonk: b83fc73de7b64594cd74b33e498bf08332b5d87b
Version: 39.0a1 (Master)
Firmware Version: v18D-1
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:39.0) Gecko/39.0 Firefox/39.0
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I think this has to do with the sound drivers.  Sotaro-san, could you look into this or redirect to someone who can please?
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Ok, I am going to check it.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 2 years ago
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