Implement IAccessible action to manage media content




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enum IA2Actions {
  IA2_ACTION_OPEN = -1,         /**< Used to inform the server that the client will
                                signal via IA2_ACTION_COMPLETE when it has consumed
                                the content provided by the object.  This action
                                allows the object's server to wait for all clients
                                to signal their readiness for additional content.
                                Any form of content generation that requires
                                synchronization with an AT would require use of this
                                action.  One example is the generation of text describing
                                visual content not obvious from a video's sound track.
                                In this scenario the Text to Speech or Braille output
                                may take more time than the related length of silence
                                in the video's sound track. */
  IA2_ACTION_COMPLETE = -2,  	/**< Used by the client to inform the server that it has
                                consumed the most recent content provided by this object. */
  IA2_ACTION_CLOSE = -3         /**< Used to inform the server that the client no longer
                                requires synchronization. */


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