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17 years ago
Let's land the mothership and get him on board. Give it up! Unh unh! Give it up!
Who all will sr=?  I'm guessing myself, mebbe shaver cuz of the grope
connection.  Waterson is voucher, we need a third, non-vouching
sr= (toldya to get cathleen to vouch!  silly rules... seriously, we can do this
right and not add delay, I think).


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17 years ago
Roger - You will need to fill out the CVS Contributor form
( and get it back to me to start the

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17 years ago
I faxed in the form.


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17 years ago
form received.

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17 years ago
Do you wanna see more code that I've written?

There's a patch for the timeline service that I wrote attached
to bug 78793:

You'll get lots of conflicts if you try to apply this.  I want to
point out the code in nsITimelineService.idl, nsTimelineService.cpp,
and nsTimelineService.h, which I think demonstrates a good level of
understanding of XPCOM (but hey, maybe I'm wrong :-).

The patch also demonstrates that I'm not fully up to speed on making
patches, because if you run "patch" on this beast the TimelineService
files don't end up in the right place.

If I were an sr for this code, I would ask why it's got its own
stopwatch-like service when there are already two of them in the
code base.  The reason is that neither of the ones that are already
there do quite what I want.  Before checking this code in I would
explore collapsing them all down into one.

The patch only covers Windows, not Linux.  For the Linux build I'd
add a new configure option for the timeline.  To be honest, I am
completely clueless on the Mac.  I wouldn't check this in without
getting help on the Mac.  The good news is that I have a Mac so once
I'm up to speed I won't drain other people's time doing Mac work
for me.

Here's a patch from bug 46776 that Cathleen checked in for me that 
demonstrates competence with the Linux build system (or so I hope :-):

This patch adds a --enable-reorder config option for function reordering
on Linux.  Again demonstrating my lack of competence with generating
patches, the new files that were needed for this change were attached
to the bug as a zip file:

Finally, I attached the source to the tools I've been using for
reordering to bug 65845:

This code is intentionally *not* mozilla-style code because it's used
to instrument mozilla and I didn't want any circular dependencies.
It uses STL because I was hacking this together quickly; I would have
grave concerns about using STL in a shipping product.  What you can
get out of this is demonstration of knowledge about sockets and C++.

So... is this enough for me to get my secret decoder ring (as Brendan
would say :-)?

I'm sr'ing access for Roger.  Cc'ing scc in the hope that he can take a look and
vouch too.  Shaver, ping.


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17 years ago
His work looks good, though we need to bring him over the world of the _M_PL for
licenses.  I'll vouch.  sr=scc.

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17 years ago
okay, roger is only 1 sr away from access. hopefully shaver will chime in soon 
so i can flip the switch. 
sr=shaver.  Flip his switch!


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17 years ago
mothership has landed. account activated.
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