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5 years ago
We are migrating a number of services from a single standalone/non-redundant VM over to a proper web cluster. At this point all that remains is actual DNS changes to cut over... all work and testing is completed, and zero impact is expected.

These apps are extremely simple, mostly consisting of just a collection of rewrites/redirects to other places. As such, the actual migration and testing work was rather straightforward. The actual services being redirected to are not changing.

date, time, duration of maintenance
  during business hours
  ~15min (zero downtime) per app, 11 apps

system(s) affected
  moving from relengweb1.dmz.scl3 to cluster managed by relengwebadm.private.scl3

end-user impact

maintenance plan and timeline (link to a wiki or etherpad is fine)
  Confirm functionality, change relevant DNS records, confirm functionality

rollback plan / rollback point (at which point will you determine to roll back)
  revert DNS changes upon failure to confirm functionality after change, unless an immediate fix can be deployed.

notification mechanisms
  IRC message in #releng and #infra. Should be no need for an email, as no downtime is expected for this change.

who will be point, who else will be involved
  webops will affect the actual change
  :dustin will assist with testing/coordination

See the list of dependent bugs for a list of everything that's changing.


5 years ago
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The list of URLs to test new functionality is in bug 774354 comment 5.  I'll pre- and post-flight those checks manually.

Comment 2

5 years ago
This is all completed! Thank you dustin for doing all the work. :)
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5 years ago
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2 years ago
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