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backport bug 874944 to bmo (Do not display the Excluded list when sending bugmails)


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When creating or editing a bug, the Excluded list is displayed with the list of accounts which do not get bugmails. This information is useless and clutter the UI. It should be removed. Only the "Emails sent to" list should remain. See bug 874751 comment 2 for some historical background.
i also expanded the hiding of recipients from people without canconfirm to all users, using a cookie to remember the visibility of the recipient list.

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I take issue with the claim that the Excluded list is useless. I also note that the comment in the other bug says they haven't gotten complaints from users without canconfirm status.

Here, you note that you've removed the Excluded list from all users. So let this be my complaint: I think the Excluded list is useful for determining whether someone has gotten a notification of the change you made. Sometimes people have unexpected bugmail settings. Without the Excluded list, you'd never know.
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