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4 years ago
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I mentioned in bug 330251 that I started on the Sepsis[1] inspector component.  (Re bug 330251, comment 4: there was no SeaMonkey status meeting today.)  I've called it DOMi 3 there and on the wiki, but whether it eventually becomes DOMi 3 is, I think,  up to SeaMonkeyers and probably not for me to say.  (In any case, I'll be focusing on sepsis-inspector over the current DOM Inspector codebase in the future.  I mentioned this in a comment last year, but I can't find it now...)

It's too early to commit saying, "yeah, we'll take it".  When I feel like sepsis-inspector has gotten sufficiently advanced, then I'll bring it up.  If, at that point, the sentiment is "Go", then we'll use this for a meta bug.

1. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Sepsis
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