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Periodically rerun to keep our imported test262 copy up-to-date


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New tests will come, bugfixes will happen, we should stay up-to-date with them.

Given we're just rerunning a script, I don't think there's much value in getting a review every single time here -- at least, when rerunning is all that's happening, and we don't have to add new skip entries and such.  How about we have a blanket rubber-stamp for a JS engine hacker to land the results of running the script against the canonical test262 repository, whenever doing so doesn't change the skipped-test list?  Seems like the cases where the skip-set does change could maybe use an eye, but the rest of the time it seems wasteful.
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I thought we already had a blanket rs= for non-breaking test additions?
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Not sure.  I don't remember one now, but I have a vague recollection about tests being different somehow, at one time.  Maybe it was tests not needing approval when tree checkins are restricted?  Yeah, I think it might have been that, and that's hardly relevant any more.

From IRC:

<terrence> Waldo: well, either way, for these tests I think automatic inclusion is the right call

So I'll give the script a run every so often to keep things reasonably up-to-date, then, and only poke for reviews when there's an actual non-automated change to make.
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Summary: Periodically rerun to keep our imported test262 copy up-to-date → Periodically rerun to keep our imported test262 copy up-to-date
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