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Update test262 and test262 skipped files


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We want Object.fromEntries tests for free. No reason not to update everything.
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Update test262 skipped files

Review of attachment 9001273 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for taking care of the update!

::: js/src/tests/jstests.list
@@ +380,5 @@
> +# Dependent on evalInWorker, setSharedArrayBuffer, and getSharedArrayBuffer; plus:
> +# - Enable test262 agent tests in browser
> +# - Rename Atomics.wake to Atomics.notify
> +skip script test262/built-ins/Atomics/notify/bad-range.js

Make this |skip include test262/built-ins/Atomics/notify/jstests.list| to simply skip the whole directory.

@@ +471,5 @@
>  #
>  skip script test262/built-ins/Reflect/ownKeys/return-on-corresponding-order-large-index.js
> +#
> +skip script test262/built-ins/Object/fromEntries/to-property-key.js

The importer allows to specify which test262 features [1] are not supported [2], so by adding "Object.fromEntries" [3] to this list, the importer would have marked all Object.fromEntries tests as skipped automatically. :-)


@@ +506,2 @@
>  #
> +skip script test262/intl402/RelativeTimeFormat/prototype/formatToParts/en-us-numeric-always.js

|skip include test262/intl402/RelativeTimeFormat/prototype/formatToParts/jstests.list| here, too.
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Update test262 from upstream

Review of attachment 9001274 [details] [diff] [review]:

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Priority: -- → P1
These tests loop over every Unicode code point:

    for (let codePoint = 0; codePoint < 0x10FFFF; codePoint++) {
        // split strings to avoid a super long one;
        chunks[codePoint % totalChunks] += String.fromCodePoint(codePoint);

With compacting zeal enabled, this is too slow; we disable such tests.
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Filed a test262 PR to reduce the time needed to complete the new RegExp tests:
Looks like I copied the failing tests from a single changeset, rather than making a list of all tests that had the loop in them. I can fix this and reland today. was accepted and merged, so updating our local test262 copy to include the changes from that PR should allow us to unskip the RegExp tests for cgc.
Comment 12 was wrong anyway. The failures were SM(arm64), not SM(cgc).

In the interest of ending this comedy of errors, I sent two different things to try server:

1.  Another set of changes to jstests.list to try to get this set of patches working without updating our local test262 copy again <> (that try run also includes Object.fromEntries, bug 1469019)

2.  Updating our local test262 copy again and removing the "slow test" entries. (link in comment 16)
Both things came back nice and green. I will land #1, as those parts have review and risk conflict with Waldo.

#2 --> bug 1484728
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