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Should an app with pricetier = free be treated as a free app?


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steps to reproduce:
1. Submit a a paid app
2. On the compatibility & Payments page, set pricetier = free and save changes (
3. Notice that the app status is now "pending approval"
4. Check the app out in Reviewer Tools-

observed behavior:
The app's status is treated as if it were a free app however it is still marked as a paid app in the reviewer tools. What is the expected behavior here?

My suggestion is that we move the section "Will your app have in-app payments?" and show the "Free" option in the drop-down box if the user selected "yes".
So looking at bug 857733 which is related it seems that:

* Apps can be any tier and still have in-app e.g. it's not just free apps that can support in-app payments.

* Rather than modifying the select (Free won't be discoverable if only appearing in the select under certain conditions) we can make sure selecting Free should default to in-app payments. I'd also suggest changing "Free" in the select to "Free with In-app payments" 

* When Free with in-app is selected the radio buttons should be set to In-app payments "yes" and disabled so it can't be turned off. This should then be validated on the backend too.

* When a non-free tier is selected the disabled state of in-app payments is removed.
Stuart: r+ on this. I didn't test it out but if it only lets you submit a free app when it has in-app payments then I think that's the right thing to do.

As for reviewer tools, don't they want in-app payment apps in the "paid" queue?

See bug 859484 also.
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Target Milestone: --- → 2013-06-27
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I filed a bug to bring back the pricetier 0 for promotional apps

The apps are still flagged as "paid" apps in reviewer tools which is a good thing.

I will open new bugs for other issues around this feature.
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