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Name collision with Promise


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devtools use a lot of Promise objects implemented in JS.
But bug 884279 renames Future to Promise and this makes a name collision.

Talking on IRC on #devtools, we found 2 possible solutions:

a) Rename Promise to JSPromise (or to something else)
b) do some destructuring assignment on import, like: let {resolve, reject, etc. } = Cu.import("promise.js");
Blocks: 884279
Blocks: 885333
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Product: Toolkit → Firefox
Duplicate of this bug: 885334
In a separate thread we'd decided that we should be doing s/Promise/promise/g. Would this solve the problem?
Yes, It does.
I'll work on this.
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This turned out to be a lerger patch than I expected, due to us using lowercase promise as a local variable identifier. Maybe destructuring on import would have resulted in a shorter patch, but I don't know for sure or care. All tests pass locally.
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Rename Promise to promise to avoid collisions with the forthcoming DOM Promise implementation

Review of attachment 773344 [details] [diff] [review]:

It's kind of annoying that we can't call 'promise' 'promise' any more. Ho Hum.
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How about migrating to DOM Promise?
(In reply to Masatoshi Kimura [:emk] from comment #8)
> How about migrating to DOM Promise?

This bug is a prerequisite for DOM Future to be renamed to Promise. We will likely migrate to that once its ready and has all the API methods we need.
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