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prefix the current events in workers with "Worker"


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...the same way as what we have in the main thread.
That way we can start using the real DOM events in workers without any hacks in them.
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This is regression risky, but I don't know how else to deal with this.
Eventually all the events should be DOM events ofc.
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I wouldn't worry too much about this breaking things. I don't think these interfaceobjects are used terribly much. Though it would be good to land this early in a cycle and then hope that a lot of the followup patches to use more xpcom Events in workers can land in the same cycle.
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I switched back the doc flag as there much more doc needed for this bug: we need to actually document WorkerEvent and co :-)

BTW, I wasn't able to find the spec where these interfaces are specified. Anybody knows about it?

Thanks in advance.
We shouldn't document the Worker* variants, IMO. They're broken versions of the Event interfaces, only exposed to workers; they're being renamed because we're going to implement the correct main-thread implementations to workers.
There are Worker* events also in the main thread, in case events are dispatched to main thread Worker.
But yes, all the Worker* events are just temporary and we're trying to get rid of them asap.
So I switch back to dev-doc-complete :-) Thanks for the explanation!
I think the site-compat doc should explain that the change is temporary.
Fixed the description in the compatibility doc.
Can you please point me to the bug that undoes the change?
Depends on: 921485
The temporary "Worker" prefix was removed again by bug 928312.
(In reply to Masatoshi Kimura [:emk] from comment #14)
> The temporary "Worker" prefix was removed again by bug 928312.

OK, will add a note to the 28 compat doc :)
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