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show the mozilla-corporation-confidential checkbox on show_bug to all mozilla-corporation-confidential-visible members


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currently mozilla-corporation-confidential-visible controls the visibility of the mozilla-corporation-confidential field on the enter_bug page only.

partners need a way to mark existing bugs as mozilla-corporation-confidential.
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add groups to show_bug based on -visible membership.

- the groups are only shown on bugs which that user reported
- the groups are only visibile when the group would have been displayed to normal members
- the user can only place bugs into groups, not remove them
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patch v1

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Using user account where the user is in a -visible group, report a new bug, then from show_bug.cgi set the privacy group that is always settable. 
Observe that the user cannot unset the group which is correct. Then change the product to another product where the group is no longer available,
the user cannot check the group as it is unchecked and disabled. Hit verify product change anyway and get stuck in product verification loop.

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i'm unable to replicate that problem on my system.  i'll grab you on irc for more details.
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patch v1

Originally it was because I did not have the mozilla-corporation-confidential group enabled for the new product the bug was being moved to (sanitized dump import). So I then enabled the group properly and it moved without error. But it is not perfect (and unrelated to this bug) as it still showed that the mozilla-corp-conf group was not valid for the new product and that it would be moved. The checkbox was disabled and not checked. But when the change had completed, the bug was still in the moz-conp-conf group properly so the interim verification page was misleading. I will post a screenshot for your comment and to see if you get the same issue.

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