Mozharness desktop unittests don't use the in tree mozharness config



6 years ago
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6 years ago
This is because they selectively extract and therefore the config directory doesn't exist. See

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6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Patch 1.0 - also extract the config directory

Does this config/ directory exist on all trees?  (This patch will affect all trees except maybe esr17, and will most likely cause burning without the config/ dir.)
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6 years ago
Oh good call. I just checked, it's on b2g18* but not release (or aurora or beta probably). I guess my options are to either land the tree_config patch everywhere including release, or just make desktop mochitests extract the whole zip file :(
fwiw I'm totally fine having to push this manually to try to let bug 872164 ride the trains normally

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6 years ago
(In reply to :Felipe Gomes from comment #4)
> fwiw I'm totally fine having to push this manually to try to let bug 872164
> ride the trains normally

Nah, this patch is against mozharness, so no way to push it to try. The problem is that all test jobs across all branches use the same mozharness scripts, which ironically is the reason we wanted in-tree mozharness scripts in the first place

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6 years ago
So I did some digging around and it looks like when a match like this isn't found the return code is always 11. See

I verified this locally, but also pushed a patch to ash-mozharness to make sure it works on all platforms:

Waiting for results here:

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6 years ago
So you're right that the old patch would have caused bustage where "config" didn't exist. By allowing a return code of 11 though, this seems to work. I tested by adding a junk folder to the extract list on mozharness ash:
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6 years ago
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Patch 2.0 - extract config and allow ret code 11 from tests unzip

Cool, good to see success_codes isn't a one trick pony.
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6 years ago

Still needs to be merged to production before live.
in production

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6 years ago
Felipe, your previous patch should work now. I have a try run here to test it out:

(if you see --console-level=DEBUG in the arguments that means it's working).
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Thanks Andrew! I had also sent another try run earlier today and verified it works!
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5 years ago
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