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Security Review: Dynamic URL Bar


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(Reporter: elan, Assigned: dveditz)



Project/Feature Name: Dynamic URL Bar 
Tracking  ID: Bug 716403 also see Bug 888690
Description: Declutters the viewing screen when browsing by free-ing up screen real estate. Of special import for smaller, lower-to-mid tier smartphones where screens are physically smaller, therefore freeing up viewing real estate is even more important to the user.
Additional Information:
Key Initiative: Firefox Mobile
Release Date: 08/06/13
Project Status: development, in beta  
Mozilla Data: Yes
Mozilla Related: Firefox Android
Separate Party: No, not that I am aware of
Summary: Privacy Technical Review: Dynamic URL Bar → Security Review: Dynamic URL Bar
Whiteboard: [triage needed]
Assignee: nobody → dveditz
Whiteboard: [triage needed]
This is resolved, we have sign-off from everyone, at this point.
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