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Pref on SkiaGL canvas


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Not set


(relnote-firefox 26+)

Firefox 25
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This of course depends on a whole bunch of bugs, but mainly 858237.
Depends on: 858237
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Backed out in the hope that this will fix the Android 2.2 reftest failures of form:

...and that I can avoid having to back out the rest of the push.

Out of curiosity, did this patch set get sent to try? I've looked in several of the mentioned bugs, but couldn't find a link.

Ugh. Thanks for not backing out all of them. The pref one should do the trick.

We've been developing on the graphics branch, and had a couple green runs there.
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Hey Erin, should we be communicating this as a perf win, or something different?
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Hi Alex, sorry to just be getting back to you. I don't have quantitative data but I can say:
*This is the first iteration of SkiaGL support for devices with NVIDIA GPUs (only)
*We expect canvas perf improvements in general, one immediate example could be increased FPS with sites such as:
*Snorp working to turn SkiaGL on for more devices and therefore, our scope of testing will increase
*Not to pass the buck, but I am need-infoing blassey and snorp to weigh in on how much we should message today. This is certainly interesting from a development point of view and will be more so for users as we increase support/test/stabilize
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Don't worry too much about the timeline all, we can change the notes throughout the Aurora cycle.
I think relnote-wise we should talk about the perf win for nvidia devices. We should probably wait until 26 to any PR noise about it since it is a bit nuanced (perf win on certain canvas ops on certain devices)
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Depends on: 904483
Depends on: 915938
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Depends on: 982489
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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