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"Eisu" (英数) key of JIS keyboard for Mac shouldn't be mapped with "RomanCharacters"


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I think that my mapping in bug 842927 is wrong for the "Eisu" (英数) key of JIS keyboard for Mac.

The key doesn't make "Roman character input mode" enable. The key closes IME on Mac (I'm not sure how it works with Android 4.1 and later). So, the key should be "Alphanumeric" or something new key name.

I posted this to the bugzilla of

Anyway, we need to remap the key name in the future.
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Japanese keyboard layout has two different Eisu (英数) keys. One is the left of KeyA of PC keyboard. The other is the left of space key of Mac keyboard. I.e., they are never existing on same physical keyboard (usually).

They work really different. The former is typically used for changing IME input mode to ASCII capable. The latter is typically used for closing IME. Therefore, D3E-key defines "Alphanumeric" for the former and "Eisu" for the latter.

These names are messy. But since they have really different purpose, D3E-key value should distinguish them.
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FYI: We've already mapped them as "RomanCharacters" (which has already renamed to "Romaji"). The definition of the key by renaming the key name causes this mapping is really wrong. Therefore, "Eisu" is defined for the Mac keyboard's "Eisu" key.
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Support "Eisu" key value on Mac, Android and Gonk

This looks reasonable to me.  But there are some things I don't understand.

What are we going to do about the "Alphanumeric" key?  Why isn't the Android key name "Alphanumeric" instead of "Eisu"?  (I assume Android would use what you've called a "PC keyboard".)
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(In reply to Steven Michaud from comment #3)
> What are we going to do about the "Alphanumeric" key?  Why isn't the Android
> key name "Alphanumeric" instead of "Eisu"?  (I assume Android would use what
> you've called a "PC keyboard".)

Good point.

The Eisu key on PC keyboard is also CapsLock key. On Windows, Eisu key causes changing IME input mode to ASCII capable mode in most IMEs. Additionally, Shift + Eisu is CapsLock.

On Linux, it depends on system settings. On some environments, the key works as like the key on Windows. On others, the key works just as CapsLock key.

On Android, it works just a CapsLock key. Therefore, in software level, there is no PC-Eisu key on Android. However, Android has a key code for Eisu key of Japanese Mac Keyboard. The key code is used only for the key.
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This has been corrected on the KeyboardEvent.key page on MDN during a total rewrite I'm doing there. KeyboardEvent.code has not been done yet.
This has also been noted now (at last) on Firefox 37 for developers. Still need to update KeyboardEvent.code. It's on my to-do list.
This has now been updated in KeyboardEvent.code. This is now doc complete.
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