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ARIA role "tablist" should no longer be an implicit live region


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It is not mentioned in the documentation for role "tablist", however bug 663136 indicates that we assign an implicit aria-live level of"polite" to it. Since this is merely a container for one or more tab elements, the result is that screen readers babble away all tabs within a tab list, which is totally superfluous. The documentation honors this now, but we don't yet.

This was reported to me by a web developer working on making the Vadin UI toolkit accessible.
In the UA implementation guide in the role mapping table [1] it states for tablist:

IAccessible2: object attributes container-live:polite;live:polite;container-live-role:tablist

Note IA2 and ATK are only APIs that add live region mapping, UIA and Mac OSX do not. 

Thanks Steve! I do not know when this was added. But I do know from testing the above tabs and tab panel accessibility that this mapping does not hold up to a good user experience. It simply does not make sense that a screen reader babbles away all the tabs within a tab list when focus moves to the next element when tabbing. This is what happens currently with NVDA. So I would STRONGLY lobby for a removal of this mapping in IA2, as well as ATK, since I cannot imagine Orca users appreciating this seemingly superfluous babbling any more than NVDA or other Windows screen reader users would.
Summary: ARIA role "tablist" is no longer an implicit live region → ARIA role "tablist" should no longer be an implicit live region
Marco, are you going to take this bug?
I totally agree with Marco in comment 2.

Related NVDA issue ticket:
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Better patch. This one actually tests that the attributes are absent where they were present before. So we cannot accidentally reintroduce this.
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Attachment #779675 - Flags: review?(surkov.alexander)
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Tablist should no longer be an implicit polite live region,

Review of attachment 779696 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: accessible/tests/mochitest/attributes/test_obj.html
@@ +64,1 @@
>        testAttrs("timer", {"live" : "off"}, true);

pls move these under into end of sections (i.e each testAbsentAttrs after own last testAttrs
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