Need 2 Windows XP Talos boxes for developer use



Infrastructure & Operations
5 years ago
14 days ago


(Reporter: Dolske, Assigned: mconley)



(Whiteboard: [buildduty])



5 years ago
We've (slowly) trying to track down a UX branch tpaint regression over in bug 889758, which is blocking us from landing Australis in nightly.

I'd like to get access to a couple of Talos XP boxes so we can iterate faster on trying to profile/benchmark and test potential fixes.

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5 years ago
(Remote access is fine, I assume they'll be behind the new Mozilla-MPT VPN?)
Whiteboard: [buildduty]
Blocks: 880784
Blocks: 896621
Depends on: 896624
Depends on: 896635
Once the dep bugs are resolved you will be able to get to the machines. Please assign this bug to nobody when you are done with the loaners.
Assignee: nobody → dolske

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5 years ago
Regarding bug 896624 -- does everyone who want to access these machines need explicit access? There are ~5 others who would be doing the actual work.
Flags: needinfo?(rail)
Yes, it's tied to LDAP.
:dolske, yes, you will need to explicitly file bugs like bug 896624 for each person. An "ack" from releng may be required.
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5 years ago
Depends on: 898632
Machines available and extra users added to VPN (bug 898632).

 - credentials given to :dolske on irc (but un-acknowledged) If folks need credentials contact a team member in #releng

 - folks may need to disconnect/reconnect MozillaVPN to access machines. If you don't have connectivity after that, please reopen bug 898632.

Please assign this bug to nobody when you are done with the loaners.
Product: → Release Engineering

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5 years ago
I think we might be done with these now (or very soon)? Over to mconley to conform or release to releng when we actually are done.
Assignee: dolske → mconley
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I think we should wait for the TART regression data to come in, and to get a clear idea of what platforms we regress on (and care about regressing on). I'd hate to release these machines only to find that we need them again to clear up TART.

We'll likely know early next week whether or not we need these machines.
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We do indeed need these Windows XP test machines still.


5 years ago
Component: Buildduty → Loan Requests
QA Contact: armenzg → coop
PSA: Please don't login to t-xp32-ix-005 for the next two days without talking to me first as I'm running talos jobs on nightlies from the last few months. Thanks.
Do we still need these two machines? Fine if so.
(In reply to Armen Zambrano [:armenzg] (Release Engineering) (EDT/UTC-4) from comment #12)
> Do we still need these two machines? Fine if so.
> t-xp32-ix-004
> t-xp32-ix-005

Yes, I think we're done with the XP boxes.

I've backed up the tools Matt and I developed on those boxes, so you're good to go to re-image them.

Thanks so much!
You're welcome.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Loan Requests → Buildduty
Product: Release Engineering → Infrastructure & Operations
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