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enable tab audio notifiers


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Steps to reproduce:

enable tab audio notifiers in all versions
I look forward to when it is included as I have a problem with a mysterious voice that starts up when I have about 10 tabs open.

Actual results:

add audio indicators to tabs so that users would know immediately where audio was coming from that is playing in the browser. This can be especially useful on start if you restore a previous session with dozens of tabs. One or some may load videos, ads with sound or other audio contents and start playing them right away, and it is a great help to quickly uncover where that audio is coming from to turn it off.

Expected results:

Sometimes it is difficult to tell where audio playback is coming from in a browser. This is especially true in situations where you have dozens of tabs open already, or opened a bunch of websites at the same time in your browser of choice. I sometimes open ten or twenty websites in new tabs at the same time in Firefox using the excellent Multi Links add-on, and it can happen that audio starts playing as a consequence because at least one of the websites is running media contents or multimedia advertisement on its pages.

This is especially disturbing if I'm already listening to music or watching a video on the PC. The only two options available at this point in time is to either mute the web browser if you are using an operating system that allows you to do so, or flip through all tabs quickly to try and locate the tab or tabs that play the audio.

The indicator is animated so that it should not be a problem to locate the tab responsible for playing audio in the browser
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Keywords: ux-userfeedback
OS: Windows NT → All
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Whiteboard: parity chrome
Component: Untriaged → Tabbed Browser
Blocks: australis
No longer blocks: australis-tabs-win, australis
Closed: 11 years ago
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