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5 years ago
These elements allows to point URL at the revision and date of the change. Currently Firefox doesn't expose accessibles for them at all. Perhaps we need to expose text container accessibles for these elements and expose an accessible action to open the URL like we do in case of img@longdesc.

Probably the browser needs to have UI. Thoughts are welcome.

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5 years ago
Jamie suggestion: object attributes: revision:ins/del, cite and datetime per twit

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3 years ago
Has any work been done on this? We need <del> and <ins> to be communicated to screen readers through the accessibility API so that blind users can know which text has been deleted and which text has been inserted. According to one of the NVDA lead developers (already copied on the bug here), this information is not being appropriately conveyed by Firefox to the accessibility API. This shortcoming in Firefox makes it difficult to understand things like legal documents on the web which frequently use del and ins syntax to convey old versus new versions.

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3 years ago
There is a lengthy discussion of this issue on the NVDA bug tracker:

The short version that's relevant here is that NVDA needs the del and ins elements exposed to the API or else it won't be able to present the semantic meaning to users. Sometimes that meaning is quite important. 

Besides legal documents, I've seen del and ins used to convey old prices versus new prices on e-commerce sites, or to convey humor by saying an inappropriate word first with <del> then a more appropriate word with <ins>. There are other ways in which it is used too. The meaning is lost on screen reader users without having this information available in the API.

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28 days ago
Discussion on how to expose this in IA2 here:

We need this for Google Docs.
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