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Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus after about an hour of browsing (linux)


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:24.0) Gecko/20130726 Firefox/24.0 Iceweasel/24.0a2 (Nightly/Aurora)
Build ID: 20130726004002

Steps to reproduce:

After a while, in all tabs./windows
1. The right mouse click no longer does anything.
2. The left mouse click on File Edit View ... toolbar just flashes that toolbar item's name, but does not open up that item's submenu.

Typing ALT F, ALT E, ALT V, etc. also just flashes that item.

Expected results:

One needs to restart firefox to get things working again.
Duplicate of this bug: 883660
Basic left link clicking is unaffected.
Does it happen with builds from Mozilla?
Window manager?
Summary: Mouse degrades → Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus
Component: Untriaged → Keyboard Navigation
Could you please try the following, to see if you still reproduce the issue :

1) try this with a clean profile:

2) running in Safe mode:
All I know is it happens on several of my machines,
usually after an hour or so of using Facebook.

I use clean installations of Firefox. Virgin profiles.

The only addon is adblock plus.
Version: 24 Branch → 25 Branch
The workaround here on linux (noting that File > Quit is no longer clickable, as one cannot open the File menu anymore due to the bug) is
$ killall firefox
$ firefox
That restores our session pretty much intact.
One should perhaps submit any half filled forms before doing that though, as at least left clicking Submit buttons still works.
Happened in -safe-mode too today after about an hour using Facebook.
Wait, it appears I don't need to restart Firefox. All I need to do is close each and every Facebook tab (and then open them back up again if I want) and the problem is gone.
Summary: Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus → Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus (caused at least by Facebook tabs)
Today it happened when NOT browsing Facebook.
So all I still know is it takes about an hour of browsing to cause the bug.
Summary: Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus (caused at least by Facebook tabs) → Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus after about an hour of browsing
Component: Keyboard Navigation → Menus
Today closing each and every Facebook tab didn't help. One must close all tabs (and thus quit, and later restart Firefox.)
I get the same issue. After some time (cannot be more accurate than this, but an hour is probably a minimum) menus won't open if clicked on. The "+" sign to open new tabs has no effect (CTRL+t still works).

What is interesting is that I get the same issue in Thunderbird, with exact same symptoms (though the problem does not occur in both apps at the same time!), but no other application. So I'm guessing some shared lib. Running Linux Mint Petra with Mate as window manager. Firefox 29 and Thunderbird 24.5.0, but the issue has been around for a while.

I need to restart the program to fix the issue.
Issue filed for Thunderbird here:
This is very prominent in all versions since 4.x, just don't touch the 
computer for an hour, then both thunderbird and firefox will not open any
of its menus, last tested was 31.2.0 (TB and FF) on Solaris x86 version,
profile/safe makes no difference. The bug is very reliably reproduceable 
since 30.x, before it was a little bit random to get there.
See also old bug #637023 and bug #642232, it first appeared in the bookmark 
See Also: → 1032619
See Also: → 1344620
This still happens in Firefox ESR 45.7 (Opensolaris version). Just prominently happened when logging on the github login page to this site, menus 
locked, and even back history completely stopped working (firefox was just a few minutes up, no page visited before). As reported before, this
happens after a significant time of inactivity automatically, or seems to be triggered instantly after logging into specific newer sites, as this
github page, or, e.g., Very pesky, annoying problem. I think 1344620 and 1058058 are just plain duplicates of this bug.
Just adding that this does not only affect the firefox menus, but all forms menus on loaded webpages too.
A large number of mouse bug reports end up closing as invalid.

Dan, does this still reproduce for you?
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Still very regularly occuring and reproducible on FF 52.0.2 (Solaris x86). Far from being invalid...
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk, NI for questions) from comment #18)
Frankly these days I don't usually manage to use Firefox for a whole hour unless I'm on some Big Iron CPU, so can't tell you.
However as you see in Comment 19, others say yes. So I'll unsubscribe...
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Summary: Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus after about an hour of browsing → Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus after about an hour of browsing (linux)
Have to report that I also encounter this problem on daily basis on Debian GNU/Linux Stretch running X11, and using either Debian’s build of Iceweasel / Firefox (now 52.9.0), Mozilla’s build of released Nightly (now 58.0.2), or Mozilla’s build of beta Nightly (now 62.0b16).

To recite:

After a while of running an instance of Firefox any sort of popup window (main menu, context menu, address bar completion popup, etc) stops being usable: they flash for a moment and immediately close.  This makes unusable a good half of browser features.

I was not able to figure out any specific pattern that leads to the bug.

In particular, I do not see connection with any website (in particular with aforementioned Facebook, which I do not visit).

In the linked thread there was a suggestion that it might be provoked by suspending a system.  As for me, suspending a system does not lead straightforwardly to a problem.

Restarting browser (in a sense of “>> restart” command) does _not_ always help.  But sometimes do.

Quitting browser and starting it anew does always help for a while.

Unfortunately, I did not find any guide on how to enable debug output for Firefox’s UI.  Standard error output with NSPR_LOG_MODULES='all:3' shows literally nothing.  With 'all:5' there are only messages about loading various libraries (presumably successfully).
(In reply to [:Aleksej] from comment #3)
> Window manager?

In order to reduce possibility of blaming other software, I just reproduced it with *no* window manager at all.

Moreover, I seemingly found a quick way to reproduce the bug for current Mozilla’s builds on my system: that is exactly to run it with no WM!

This does not apply to Debian’s build of Firefox 52.9.0, which does not immediately run into problem when started with no WM.

For what it’s worth, it seems that Waterfox [1], as of version at least, does not have this issue. Tested at Debian GNU/Linux Stretch under no WM, which is, as I said above, the setup that triggers the bug immediately.

That’s curious the more so because the latest pre-Quantum Mozilla’s browser release, Waterfox forked off, was subjected by this bug.


This happens to me as well. i3 on arch linux, firefox is up to date.

  • no URL dropdown
  • no select box options in forms
  • no right click menu anywhere (page or UI)
  • no UI element that creates a new window/panel works (menu, add-on menus, bookmark bar folder expansion, etc).

Restarting firefox makes everything work again, but before long the problem recurs.

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