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gravatars look nice in the mozilla skin, and work well to break up the page.

i'd like to add gravatar support, and make it enabled by default at the same time we switch the default skin to Mozilla.

the attached patch does that, as well as adding a 'bz_gravatar' class to <body> for bugzillajs.
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Instead of the default gravatar image, we should supply our own... Maybe a dino head?
(In reply to Reed Loden [:reed] from comment #2)
> Instead of the default gravatar image, we should supply our own.
> Maybe a dino head?

the dino head has been retired.
see the bottom of

perhaps the mm graphic would be better:
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Need to create a extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook/global/setting-descs-settings.none.tmpl file as well for showing a description for the new user settings.

For example:

[%# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
  # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
  # file, You can obtain one at
  # This Source Code Form is "Incompatible With Secondary Licenses", as
  # defined by the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.

  setting_descs.show_gravatars = "When viewing a $terms.bug, display gravatar images next to user logins."

Also please fix the spacing between the user name and the comment box by closing the gap. This is not related
to this patch but is more noticeable when gravatar support is enabled. If you look at changes only type comment
blocks, the gravatar image is almost connected to the bounding box where for normal comments, the gap is much wider.
I will attach a screenshot to better illustrate.

Fix the two above on commit. r=dkl
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(In reply to Byron Jones ‹:glob› from comment #3)
> the dino head has been retired.
> see the bottom of


> perhaps the mm graphic would be better:

Sure. The default gravatar logo is terrible. :P
Committing to: bzr+ssh://
added extensions/Gravatar
added extensions/Gravatar/
added extensions/Gravatar/
added extensions/Gravatar/template
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook/bug
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook/global
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook/bug/comments-user-image.html.tmpl
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook/bug/show-header-end.html.tmpl
added extensions/Gravatar/template/en/default/hook/global/setting-descs-settings.none.tmpl
modified extensions/InlineHistory/template/en/default/hook/bug/comments-aftercomments.html.tmpl
modified template/en/default/bug/comments.html.tmpl
Committed revision 8938.
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