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Various AMO urls in our settings have bitrotted over time. Fortunately AMO does redirects. Unfortunately AMO redirects to sub-optimal pages.
> -pref("", "");
> +pref("", "");

search-engines/ now just redirects to /search-tools which is a mixture of search related extension as well as OpenSearch plugins.

> -extensions.getMoreThemesURL=
> -extensions.getPersonasURL=
> +extensions.getMoreThemesURL=
> +extensions.getPersonasURL=

Themes are now "Complete Themes". Personas are now "Themes".


/dictionaries redirects to /language-tools/ Might as well avoid the redirect.

> -<!ENTITY getNewThemesCmd.label     "Get New Themes">
> -<!ENTITY getNewThemesCmd.accesskey "G">
> -<!ENTITY getPersonasCmd.label      "Get Personas">
> -<!ENTITY getPersonasCmd.accesskey  "P">
> +<!ENTITY getMoreThemesCmd.label      "Get More Themes">
> +<!ENTITY getMoreThemesCmd.accesskey  "G">
> +<!ENTITY getBackgroundsCmd.label     "Get Backgrounds">
> +<!ENTITY getBackgroundsCmd.accesskey "B">

I changed "Get New Themes" to "Get More Themes". Some of the themes on AMO aren't particularly new. I also changed "Personas" to "Backgrounds" (short for "Background Themes"). The latter were called lightweight-themes once upon a time.
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I presume help will need updating too? Could you either do that in here or spin off into another bug please.
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As we're changing locale files, need to flag up to localisers that has changed:

1/ Post to l10n lists/newsgroups
2/ Rename entities
3/ As no l10n seems to actually localise any of these, perhaps consider making them not localisable
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Patch v1.0 Proposed fix


The dictionaries URL should not be changed, what you're doing there is wrong. The /dictionaries URL is a generic redirect to wherever we actually host them, which might change. Even Firefox uses this, see - so we should keep using the /dictionaries alias here.

Also, I wonder why the /themes link has a forced sort order applied.
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