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[meta] Investigate using ViewStubs to improve startup speed


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We currently inflate a lot of views which are not initially visible. Profiling showed we spend about 400ms inflating things. We can speed up things by viewstubbing a few of them and/or inflating them at some later point in time.
Summary: [meta] Investigate using ViewStubs to speed startup. → [meta] Investigate using ViewStubs to improve startup speed
Just re-posting what I wrote to shilpan before:

Sounds like a good thing to investigate. My main concern here is to not make the first interaction with tabs panel (or any stubbed part of the UI) feel clunky because of the lazy-inflation. One thing to experiment with is to force the viewstub to inflate just after we inflate the main UI i.e. postpone the inflation of the parts of our UI that are not immediately visible on startup.

Potential candidates for postponed inflation:
- Tabs panel
- Home pager (when it's not shown on startup)
- Toast bits
- Find in page bits
- Form assist bits
Depends on: 907592
Depends on: 909550
Depends on: 968640
Depends on: 970247
Keywords: meta
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