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adjust ssh daemon config on w64-ix, talos-r3-xp, and talos-r3-w7 machines


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We need to adjust it to make these machines compatible with slaveapi.
Attached file new kts.ini
Changes here compared to previous config are:
allow_disconnected_sessions = 0
auto_reconnect_session = 0
ban_max_connections = 0
buff_height = 2000
idle_timeout = 900
io_timeout = 900
Attached file new login script
This login script runs bash, so that we can easily parse command return codes/output.
So, we have no way to upload things as administrator on the talos-r3-w7 machines. Given that these are deprecated, I don't think it's worthwhile deploying by hand over VNC. Need to talk to others about this tomorrow.

Other than that, everything is done except:
w64-ix-slave72, 77, 88. I feel like there's a ref machine or some other ref thing I need to update too...
talos-r3-xp-098, 101, 122, ref

I'll be poking at these and will update the bug as they get taken care of.
* w64-ix-slave72, 77, 88

Change has been applied to these three.

* talos-r3-xp-098, 101, 122

These three are offline, and we haven't asked dcops to do anything about them due to low pool usage. I've added notes to their problem tracking bugs about applying the ssh config changes if/when they come back.

I spoke with Amy about making sure the w64-ix machines have this change after re-imaging. She said that they're still working on a new imaging procedure for those and that they'll track making sure this is part of it in bug 909421. For now, this will have to be done by hand =(. I've added a section to
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