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Fallback encoding for Esperanto locale is UTF-8; should be windows-1252


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In bug 530109, the fallback encoding for the Esperanto locale was changed to UTF-8. As far as I can tell, no data was presented as the motivation of the change.

We now have telemetry data that indicates that Esperanto is locale where users most often resort to using the character encoding override. This is bad for the user experience. See

Please change the fallback encoding (intl.charset.default) to windows-1252  for the reasons given in
Ok, I'm ready to change it, but from what I seem in central at least, many locales (en-US, es-AR, de, fr, fi, pt-BR,  da, ...) are using ISO-8859-1. Is it ok to use that instead of windows-1252?

I don't know why this lists windows-1252 as fallback for, say, French when release[1], beta[2], aurora[3] and central[4] for that locale use iso-8859-1.

So, do I go for iso-8859-1?

iso-8859-1 is mapped to windows-1252 by the encoding system. They're identical.
Ok then, it's done. These are the commits for Central, Aurora and Beta (with sign-offs for Aurora and Beta):

Thanks for reporting the issue.
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Thank you!
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