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[tracking] Split winrt and gecko thread logic


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Windows 8.1


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See bug 907410 for the details. What we want to do is have two main threads, one for winrt which handles processing of input, and one for gecko. This is a v2 goal.
One issue here is accessibility which will try to access the dom on the winrt thread. We'll need to proxy these calls which is unfortunate since the winrt thread will have to block on the gecko thread. Independent of this issue though I think the two threads will be able to run independently. 

This should also help solve our remaining re-entrancy problems brought to light in bug 914331.
Depends on: 741750
Guys, we should get this on the q1 radar. This will improve responsiveness for things like scrolling, and will fix the delay problems we have when swiping ion the nav bar and tab tray.
Blocks: metrobacklog
Note that if you enable content processes, this basically becomes bug 930939.
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Blocks: metrofxe10s
Blocks: 877672
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OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
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No longer depends on: 741750
We need to split this bug for point estimation. Does the following separation make sense?
  A) One bug: Create the infrastructure to make synchronous and asynchronous calls from the OS input thread to the gecko thread.
  B) One bug: Convert all existing OS events to use the synchronous infrastructure.
  C) Multiple bugs for converting individual (or groups of) events to asynchronous.

The work we do here could also be used in desktopFx on Windows. Maybe we should have a desktopFx bug to parallel this one?
We don't have a good track record with 13 point and larger estimated bugs.  When this bug comes up we will need to break it down - even at some milestone level.
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Target Milestone: mozilla30 → ---
Depends on: 974901
Attached patch prelim method notes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Going through and itemizing thread access. This patch isn't for landing.
Attachment #8379009 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Depends on: 974989
No longer depends on: 974901
No longer depends on: 974989
Depends on: 975452
Priority: P2 → P1
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Assignee: jmathies → nobody
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Summary: Split winrt and gecko thread logic → [tracking] Split winrt and gecko thread logic
Whiteboard: p=0 → [tracking]
We never shipped the metro support, closing!
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