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Avoid including GLContext.h in headers that don't need it


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GLContext.h is a big header, itself including many headers.

It's worth avoiding #including it where we don't actually need it, especially in other headers.

After this patch, here are the only remaining headers #including GLContext.h:

  $ find . -type f -name '*.h' | xargs egrep '\#include.*[^a-zA-Z0-9_]GLContext\.h' | cut -d ':' -f 1 | sort | uniq | sed 's|\.\/||g'


These 3 headers are included only once or a few times each.

Now, touching GLContext.h and rebuilding Gecko only rebuilds 58 object files, 23 of which are WebGL.

Speaking of WebGL, it currently has 45 object files; prior to this patch, they were all including GLContext.h, now only 23 of them are (as just mentioned above).

A few changes were made to and around GLContext.h along the way:

* ExtensionBitSet had a comment explaining it should be a std::bitset but that used to give compile errors on Mac, referencing an old bug. Hopefully that's resolved now. Killed ExtensionBitSet, now using std::bitset, and the function ExtensionBitSet::Load is now a static GLContext method, InitializeExtensionsBitSet.

* GLContext contained a few nested enum types. Nested enum types are impossible (AFAIK) to forward-declare. Moved them out of GLContext, still in namespace gl.

* These enums were moved to GLContextTypes.h which also gained a forward-decl of class GLContext, making it 'the right header to include' for most people.

* Of course, lots of code was moved from inline functions in headers into cpp files. A couple cpp files were created as some classes were entirely defined in headers.

Try push:
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Errors caused by -Werror and double #defines, not worth updating the patch for review, but updated try push:
As long as there are tryservers, there is hope.
New push for Win and Mac, which were still failing:
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Hopefully last try run, with some tests:
Green at last! landing!
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There is, after all, no reason to stop half-way! There remained a few headers including GLContext.h, and on second look fixing it was easy too.

Now we are able to give people a very simple message: do not include GLContext.h in headers; instead, include GLContextTypes.h.

On try:
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Blocks: 912974
Forgot to include GLContext.h in CanvasLayerD3D9.cpp, new try:
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