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Run eideticker on firefoxos builds at least nightly in an automated manner


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This metabug is meant to track everything related to our Q3 Eideticker goal for FirefoxOS:

"Create a set (at least 2) of tests for b2g Eideticker to measure user perceived application startup and scrolling performance, and run on a daily basis"

(yes I should have filed this earlier... but better late than never)
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Keywords: perf
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Hey Dave, I know you managed to get this set up in the London office just before the holidays... what more needs to be done to get this reporting to Is it just a matter of ssh keys?
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The laptop is in the London office and I've successfully triggered tests on it. The CI system will need several updates based on recent changes in Eideticker but they should be fairly straight-forward. Publishing the reports *should* work so long as the networking is setup as expected, but there are currently a couple of complications.

1. I cannot get remote access to the laptop. It has a fixed IP of and a hostname of, but I am unable to reach this on any of my VPN configurations. I was able to successfully reach it in December shortly after setting it up, and I have been reassured that it is still up and responding within the office.

2. I cannot (easily) get local access to the laptop. My wife is expecting our second child any day, and I'd rather not be 2 hours away if it all kicks off. Also, after the event I will be taking two weeks paternity leave, which is likely to delay this further.

3. The London desktop support guy is no longer the London desktop support guy, and there's no replacement. This makes troubleshooting the network issues much harder. I'm currently talking to jlin in #servicedesk to see if we can get this running.
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I'm now able to access the eideticker-london node remotely (solution was to route all traffic over VPN) and am working on getting the CI running again.
This is now running in the London office and currently reporting to with the patches applied from bug 960063 and bug 960530.
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We now have a system reporting to

It doesn't run every test we'd like it to, but we have startup metrics going at least.
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