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Find out why UX branch got better on TART between 1cbed63f3eea and 401c71c3732d


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According to our graph[1], between changesets 1cbed63f3eea and 401c71c3732d, we saw a marked drop in TART times for the UX branch, while the m-c branch seemed to stay the same.

We should find out why that happened.


Here are the changesets in that range:
Note that this improvement can be seen on the graph server graph happening in the points from May 2nd to May 3rd.
Avi and I suspect that either bug 850918 or bug 826689 caused this performance improvement.

I've pushed the May 3rd changeset to try, as well as a push with both of those bugs backed out, and a push with just bug 850918 backed out.

Back out both bug 850918 and bug 826689:
Back out bug 850918:

Hopefully that gives us some details on what happened here.
I pushed the May 2nd changeset to try as well, for a more complete picture:
We're not seeing a whole lot of improvement between our May 2nd and May 3rd try pushes... the backfilled data for those dates is a little suspect, so we're retriggering them to hopefully get a clearer sense of the picture.
Matt's awesome, came out of vacation, and helped clean up the data. Some data from some earlier runs were in there, and he's removed them.
Whiteboard: [Australis:P-]
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