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The app has several issues that hinder its user with a screen reader:

1. Both the add alarm, and the clode button for the new alarm dialog are not labeled.
2. The tab markup does not work correctly with a screen reader.
3. The time spinner in the timer set dialog is not accessible.
4. The timer view is "visible" under timer edit dialog, when in edit mode.
5. The analog clock view in the alarm panel just shows up as a bunch of undescribed "graphic" elements.
6. Live regions may be utilized for the different time displays (TBD)
After Eitan blogged about this bug, there was a bit of discussion going on whether aria-label is the appropriate attribute to use. Given the diverse opinions on title, and the possible side effects it may have in the desktop simulator, I am of the opinion that aria-label should indeed be preferred over the non-aria method title, and be used in this patch.
Keywords: feature
Depends on: 987382
Depends on: 987384
Depends on: 987389
Depends on: 987397
Summary: Make clock app accessible → [meta] Make clock app accessible
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Whiteboard: [b2ga11y 2.0] → [b2ga11y p=3]
Closing app-specific accessibility meta bugs. It doesn't give a good picture as to our progress, and it is confusing!
Closed: 5 years ago
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