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I finally sat down to finish the MozFest demo project I started last year. Yay!

Not sure how the submission process works so Pomax recommended I submit here.

- I couldn't find a "make" style guide (only a branding one), so I'm not sure if it fits, but if there is one and someone can point me to it, I'd be happy to adjust the project.
- I'm in no way a graphics artist or designer, so to get people to use it, I get the sense that it needs to look prettier. If this gets seriously considered as a thimble project, it would be helpful if someone provides some feedback on the looks.

Arty (Cynthia)

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5 years ago
Hey Arty! Fun little page. Adding Kat who is the editorial director and manages the Starter Makes on http://webmaker.org/starter-makes for her opinion.

For now - I put it on the list of "Awesome things you can make" here under "poster for your favorite animal"


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5 years ago
Thanks Jacob!

Arty, cheers for this. I'm a big fan of the code comments - did you write them? They're really clear and easy to understand, which is great. Fun idea re: making a poster about your favourite animal, too.

re: Starter Makes, there is indeed a style emerging amongst makes now that you may find useful as an aesthetic reference... A few similar makes to yours are the Book Cover make https://webmaker.makes.org/thimble/my-book-cover and the Movie Poster make https://webmaker.makes.org/thimble/movie-poster-hack - these makes are two of the most remixed on the site, primarily because they are immediately striking, implementing stand-out backgrounds and Google Web Fonts. 

Have a poke around, and let me know what you think. Would be great to edit the look of this a bit and share it as a Starter Make so it can be used by communities around the world!


5 years ago
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5 years ago
Thanks Jacob! While I use red pandas as an example, I wonder if the wording is slightly misleading in that the goal of the project is as a template to make any presentation poster (not just about cute animals). Some people at MozFest last year suggested it would be a great template to make conference posters.

Kat: Actually, I wrote the instructions based on a couple of existing projects: Keep Calm, and How to Make a Bottle Rocket (which Jacob suggested). I'm much better at the instruction part of things, which is why when I talked to Erin last year, she had agreed to pass it on to one of the webmaker designers to pretty it up. I know MoFo is really busy though right now with Summit and MozFest coming up.

I'll take another stab at the look hopefully in the next couple of days.

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5 years ago
Adding in Fuzzy Fox (ie William) here, in case he has the bandwidth to hack at this in his spare time. He's made some great Starter Makes for us, and might have some ideas! :) No pressure though, Fuzzy.
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5 years ago
Thanks Kat.

Funny that you bring in FuzzyFox when the first time I saw him was at the mentors call just last Thursday.

So found some time today, and updated the project a little bit:
- added background image with solid colour to text area
- added Google Web Font for poster title with font-family explanation
- changed title and footer wording to be more generic

I'm notoriously bad at choosing colours and fonts (just ask Pomax), so I'm not sure there's much else I can do with the looks. Definitely open to feedback and suggestions though.

Let me know if there's anything else you need from me.


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Changed: now using new tutorial style
(In reply to Kat Braybrooke [:codekat] from comment #4)
> Adding in Fuzzy Fox (ie William) here, in case he has the bandwidth to hack
> at this in his spare time. He's made some great Starter Makes for us, and
> might have some ideas! :) No pressure though, Fuzzy.

Hey Kat, Arty,

Just point me in the right direction, and tell me what you're after :P

Also I think you added the wrong person to the bug ;) I'm "William Duyck [:fuzzyfox]" here on bugzilla.
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5 years ago
Fuzzy: I think you were called in to provide some possible input on making the project look more aesthetically pleasing, because I'm not very good at choosing fonts and colours (or design in general for that matter).

Since I'm submitting this as a possible starter make, anything else that stands out to you that might be needed in a starter make.
I've made an initial pass on this, and a few changes, right now it's sat on my github so that I could easily comment on changes:


Rendered version: http://bit.ly/18wrlPn
Gif to make changes visually clear: http://cl.ly/image/2Y242M0j180Z

Feedback/Thoughts requested
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5 years ago
Thanks Fuzzy!

I took some of the changes and not some others. I changed a lot of the little things & the footer to the code you had. Here's what I kept of my original and reasons why:
- didn't add image borders. Looks a little odd and if we really do want to follow the style guide, they say no to image borders.
- kept the percentage font size for works cited, specifically a teaching point in the tutorial.
- kept the original iframe code, mostly because this is a starter make that doesn't expect prior knowledge, so trying to keep the code simpler.
- kept a lot of the original colours (but nixed the orange as suggested) because
a) the style guide seems to be more for look and feel and of the actual websites. If you look at the existing starter makes, they vary quite a bit and should serve the purpose of the project, not to make everything look the same (I should think).
b) colour contrast doesn't quite work with those colours. I put all my colours through a contrast checker.

Hope that all makes sense. Updated the original make, and open to more suggestions, but I guess it otherwise goes back to Kat?
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No problems from my end. I just put my spin on it, with strong influence from the style guide. It is a guide after all (as you noted).

I'll keep my remix for this bug on github for prosperity sake, will likely use the project and remix at some point in the not to distant future (so that version can be the one on my Webmaker profile) :D
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I'm fine if this doesn't get added, but can we close this issue in that case?
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