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whines are throwing sql errors on stage (Unknown column 'map_product.classification_id')


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whines are throwing sql errors on stage, first seen about 24 hours ago:

The query 'CAB - Pending' from failed: DBD::mysql::db
selectcol_arrayref failed: Unknown column
'map_product.classification_id' in 'where clause' [for Statement
"SELECT bugs.bug_id AS bug_id, bugs.bug_severity AS bug_severity,
bugs.priority AS priority, bugs.rep_platform AS rep_platform,
map_assigned_to.login_name AS assigned_to, bugs.bug_status AS
bug_status, bugs.resolution AS resolution, bugs.short_desc AS
short_desc FROM bugs LEFT JOIN bug_group_map AS security_map ON
bugs.bug_id = security_map.bug_id AND NOT ( security_map.group_id IN
(20,19,10,9,119,69,84,32,6,42,26,113) ) LEFT JOIN cc AS security_cc ON
bugs.bug_id = security_cc.bug_id AND security_cc.who = 388381 INNER
JOIN profiles AS map_assigned_to ON bugs.assigned_to =
map_assigned_to.userid WHERE bugs.creation_ts IS NOT NULL AND
(security_map.group_id IS NULL OR (bugs.reporter_accessible = 1 AND
bugs.reporter = 388381) OR (bugs.cclist_accessible = 1 AND
security_cc.who IS NOT NULL) OR bugs.assigned_to = 388381 OR
bugs.qa_contact = 388381) AND bugs.bug_status IN
('NEW','ASSIGNED','REOPENED') AND bugs.component_id IN (1647) AND
bugs.product_id IN (10) AND bugs.resolution IN ('') AND
map_product.classification_id IN (5) AND ( ( ( ( EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM
bugs bugs_5 LEFT JOIN attachments AS attachments_5 ON bugs_5.bug_id =
attachments_5.bug_id LEFT JOIN flags AS flags_5 ON bugs_5.bug_id =
flags_5.bug_id AND (flags_5.attach_id = attachments_5.attach_id OR
flags_5.attach_id IS NULL) LEFT JOIN flagtypes AS flagtypes_5 ON
flags_5.type_id = WHERE bugs_5.bug_id = bugs.bug_id AND
CONCAT(, flags_5.status) = 'cab-review?' ) ) ) ) )
GROUP BY bugs.bug_id LIMIT 10000 "] at Bugzilla/ line 760.

this is happening for more than just this query.  oddly enough if i run the query directly, it works: Operations%3A Change Requests&f0=OP&f1=OP&

i can't tell if these are also failing on production, as the errors are going to cron email which we don't receive for prod.
this is caused by bug 926109, which hasn't been pushed to production.
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