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Schedule debug emulator tests and builds on pine


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Gwagner's team is going to be using pine to green up debug B2G builds and tests.  It needs to have debug emulator builds and tests scheduled on it.
I basically copied the config of cedar, minus a few extras we don't need.  Is that all I need to do?
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This seems like it will schedule the right tests, but I'm not sure about the debug emulator builds; I can't tell where that's actually set.
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Schedule debug emulator tests on pine,

>diff -r 1b063a6fe1c4 -r 1d3a701e727d mozilla/
>--- a/mozilla/	Mon Oct 21 07:37:36 2013 -0400
>+++ b/mozilla/	Tue Oct 22 09:26:27 2013 -0700
>@@ -311,7 +311,29 @@
>             },
>         },
>     },
>-    'pine': {},
>+    'pine': {
>+        'mozharness_tag': 'default',
>+        'enable_talos': True,
>+        'talos_suites': {
>+            'xperf': 1,
>+        },
>+        'blob_upload': True,
>+        'enable_nightly': False,
>+        'create_snippet': True,
>+        'create_mobile_snippet': True,
>+        'enable_opt_unittests': True,
>+        'enable_l10n': True,
>+        'enable_l10n_onchange': True,
>+        'l10n_platforms': ['linux', 'linux64', 'win32', 'macosx64'],
>+        'l10n_tree': 'fxcentral',
>+        'l10n_repo_path': 'l10n-central',
>+        'enUS_binaryURL': '/nightly/latest-pine',

Please set enable_l10n and enable_l10n_onchange to False; you can remove the other 4 lines (l10n_platform through enUS_binaryURL).
a) this will break things (haven't tracked that down atm, but breaks with those set)
b) this will be unnecessary load (90+ locales repacked every build on 4 platforms), which I don't think you need, unless you're doing l10n build changes.

Other than that things look good!  I diffed the various builders and see the debug emulator builds+tests on pine.
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Schedule debug emulator tests on pine,

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updated per review comments:
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in production
This is working!
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