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Need project branch for developers to green up debug mochitests


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We need a project branch on which developers can land unreviewed changes in order to attempt to green up the debug B2G mochitests.

Potentially, we could use cypress for this, which was last used in July as a temporary b2g-inbound for a b2g work week.

Pine and holly haven't been used in over a year, but I don't know their status or owners.
edmorley, can you recommend a twig branch for this work?
Flags: needinfo?(emorley) lists the project branches, current owners and dates - does that help? :-)
Flags: needinfo?(emorley)
Thanks!  I'll go with pine, since it's listed as being available.
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Pine is reset; now I'll see about scheduling debug B2G builds/tests on it.
Depends on: 929527
:gwagner, this is all ready for your team.  Your tree is (; you can do whatever you want with it!

There are no automatic merges for this, but you can merge from m-c as you see fit.  To merge:

cd ~/pine/
hg pull ~/mozilla-central
hg merge
hg commit -m "Merge m-c -> pine"
hg push
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Thanks Jonathan!
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I see a lot of desktop builds being canceled in pine.

Do you need a smaller subset of all jobs?
It would save CPU time and having to go and cancel them.
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