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Don't clobber unrelated trees


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I had the surprise of having a Windows build take about 150 minutes on birch yesterday, while the usual build time is under 110 minutes. It turns out this was due to:
   Finished checking clobber times (results: 0, elapsed: 37 mins, 24 secs)
   (in )

Looking at the log, it spent that time clobbering completely unrelated trees (fx-team). While that particular slave would require a clobber for those trees if it ever builds those trees, unless there is not enough disk space for the current build to happen, there is no reason to waste time doing those clobbers. In fact, as of now, that slave hasn't done a single fx-team build yet, so those 40 minutes have been completely wasted.
We already skip periodic clobbers for unrelated trees. I can understand that we may want to use for separate bookkeeping of slaves (will file a bug for that), so I kept the possibility to opt in to scan all trees. But the default should be to just clobber the my_builddir if necessary.
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It wouldn't have had to clobber those directories if it hadn't previously done fx-team builds. shows several fx-team builds recently.

The rationale here is that by deleting stuff we *know* we want to delete (from clobberer), we can avoid deleting stuff we may want to keep around. The next step, purge_builds, tries to make sure there's enough free space on disk before starting the build. It doesn't know which directories are set for a clobber or not, it just deletes in order of oldest to newest until it frees up enough space.

I think better improvements could be had by combining clobberer/purge behaviour, and/or running them before starting buildbot so that the slave generally has enough disk space before being considered ready to run jobs. This latter idea would be part of bug 712206.
Bug 930831 will help with this.
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Don't clobber unrelated trees by default

Review of attachment 822063 [details] [diff] [review]:

flipping over to Morgan now that she's been working on clobberer
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Don't clobber unrelated trees by default

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This won't change the behavior of the windows builds, and it will break bulk clobbers on our Linux and Mac machines. The reason is that Windows machines currently still rely on the "legacy" clobbering mode. The legacy clobber only ever returns a single result:

See also the clobberer url that we're using:
and the endpoint:

My objectives for the quarter are nearly finished, and I have a working example machine which takes care of this clobbering issue (via bulk clobbers). I'm going to attach that bug ("use runner on windows").
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Now that we've got bulk clobbers on all platforms, can we revisit this?
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:mrrrgn, is there anything we still need to do here or did bug 1055794 take care of it?
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(In reply to Michael Shal [:mshal] from comment #7)
> :mrrrgn, is there anything we still need to do here or did bug 1055794 take
> care of it?

I'm inclined to say no. Bulk clobbers should have solved it.
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Correction, if I remember correctly, bulk clobbers don't necessarily solve the problem so much as make it highly unlikely. If we're still clobbering in bb jobs themselves we would still probably encounter this on occasion I think, just far less frequently.

The trouble of modifying in job clobbers is probably not worthwhile at this point. I'd be in favor of closing the bug.
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