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[NFC] Move NFC files out of system/gonk


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NFC is not strictly a FirefoxOS only feature, although it is currently developed as one.

This bug tracks moving NFC out of gecko/dom/system/gonk and into gecko/dom/nfc instead.
Depends on: webnfc
Please this into backlog.
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I'll ask r? for gps once Dimi reviewed this.
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Summary: [NFC] Move NFC Chromeworker out of system/gonk → [NFC] Move NFC files out of system/gonk
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Please note the rename part which isn't showed in Bugzilla

diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcContentHelper.js b/dom/nfc/NfcContentHelper.js
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcContentHelper.js
rename to dom/nfc/NfcContentHelper.js
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/Nfc.js b/dom/nfc/gonk/Nfc.js
rename from dom/system/gonk/Nfc.js
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/Nfc.js
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/Nfc.manifest b/dom/nfc/gonk/Nfc.manifest
rename from dom/system/gonk/Nfc.manifest
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/Nfc.manifest
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcGonkMessage.h b/dom/nfc/gonk/NfcGonkMessage.h
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcGonkMessage.h
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/NfcGonkMessage.h
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.cpp b/dom/nfc/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.cpp
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.cpp
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.cpp
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.h b/dom/nfc/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.h
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.h
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/NfcMessageHandler.h
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcOptions.h b/dom/nfc/gonk/NfcOptions.h
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcOptions.h
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/NfcOptions.h
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcService.cpp b/dom/nfc/gonk/NfcService.cpp
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcService.cpp
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/NfcService.cpp
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/NfcService.h b/dom/nfc/gonk/NfcService.h
rename from dom/system/gonk/NfcService.h
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/NfcService.h
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/nfc_consts.js b/dom/nfc/gonk/nfc_consts.js
rename from dom/system/gonk/nfc_consts.js
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/nfc_consts.js
diff --git a/dom/system/gonk/nsINfcService.idl b/dom/nfc/gonk/nsINfcService.idl
rename from dom/system/gonk/nsINfcService.idl
rename to dom/nfc/gonk/nsINfcService.idl
diff --git a/dom/nfc/ b/dom/nfc/
Attachment #8466104 - Flags: review?(dlee)
Attachment #8466104 - Flags: review?(dlee) → review+
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r? to gps for the changes.
Attachment #8466104 - Flags: review?(gps) → review+
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
For future reference, changes like this do need review from a DOM peer. Retrospective r=jst for this one.
(In reply to Johnny Stenback  (:jst, from comment #8)
> For future reference, changes like this do need review from a DOM peer.
> Retrospective r=jst for this one.

Hi Johnny
Sorry I don't know I have to ask review from a DOM peer for this.
When these files are created they weren't reviewed by a DOM peer either.

Can you explain more detail why this also needs a DOM peer review?
Is it because this patch creates an extra folder 'dom/nfc/gonk'?
I just want to be sure what kinds of change should be reviewed by DOM peer, and what changes should be reviewed by a Build Peer.

BTW, is my patch causing any trouble?
if so, please tell me and I'll fix it.

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