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[meta]B2G NFC backlog


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tracking-b2g backlog


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Metabug for tracking NFC Tasks for B2G
Alias: b2g-nfc
Depends on: 860907
Depends on: 860910
Depends on: 879821
Depends on: 879861
Blocks: 884478
Depends on: 884594
Depends on: 894672
Depends on: 894673
Depends on: 894676
Depends on: 894678
Depends on: 894689
Depends on: 894691
No longer depends on: 903245
Depends on: 904246
Depends on: 903308
Component: General → NFC
No longer depends on: webnfc
No longer depends on: 860907
No longer depends on: 860910
No longer depends on: 866907
No longer depends on: 879861
No longer depends on: 884594
No longer depends on: 897312
No longer depends on: 902051
No longer depends on: 903308
No longer depends on: 906579
No longer depends on: 907046
No longer depends on: 907252
No longer depends on: 908089
Depends on: 911905
No longer depends on: 916428
Remove dependency on Bug 906577 and Bug 906590.
Move the dependency of these two bugs to Bug 906579
Blocks: b2g-nfc-ux
Move all user stories to the meta bug of user story.
No longer blocks: 1.3-RIL/Net/Conn
Depends on: 933593
Depends on: 933595
Assignee: dgarnerlee → nobody
OS: Mac OS X → Linux
Hardware: x86 → ARM
Depends on: 933665
Summary: B2G NFC → [meta]B2G NFC
Depends on: 939450
Depends on: 940005
Depends on: 941208
Depends on: 941127
Depends on: 950269
Depends on: 952217
Depends on: 959437
Summary: [meta]B2G NFC → [meta]B2G NFC backlog
Hi folks,
I created two meta bugs b2g-NFC-1.3 and b2g-NFC-1.4.
Let's begin to modify the links. Bugs staying on this current bugs should be backlog items which we are not sure either to spec in v1.4 or future versions.
Depends on: 960790
Depends on: 962310
Depends on: 963556
Depends on: 941765
No longer depends on: 959437
Depends on: 969136
Depends on: 969468
Depends on: 972765
Depends on: 988579
blocking-b2g: --- → backlog
No longer blocks: 884478
Depends on: 884478
No longer depends on: 993836
Depends on: 993836
Depends on: 1012946
Depends on: 1034998
Depends on: 1035721
Depends on: 1035791
Depends on: b2g-nfc-privilege
Given that we have more and more bugs for different parts, I'll create more meta bugs here.
- b2g-nfcd for NFC daemon specific.
- b2g-nfc-emulator for emulator support on NFC.
- b2g-secure-element for Secure Element
Depends on: 1071167
Depends on: 1080292
No longer depends on: 1080292
Depends on: 1086209
blocking-b2g: backlog → ---
Depends on: 1226720
NFC code removed from gecko.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

(In reply to Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) from comment #0)

Metabug for tracking NFC Tasks for B2G

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