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App purchases fails with error code TRANS_ENDED | Crow


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steps to reproduce:

1. Start MP stage. 
2. Search for any pricetier application. 
3. Click buy and enter your pin. 

expected behavior:

The user is taken to the payment screen. 

observed behavior:

The user receives the error message "Error There was an internal error processing the payment. Try again or contact mozilla if it persisits TRANS_ENDED"
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Summary: If the user attempts to purchase an app within inapp stage or MP Stage they will receive an error message | Crow → App purchases fails with error code TRANS_ENDED | Crow
Version: 1.1 → 1.4
To clarify: this is an error on a Mozilla screen.

The http log (thanks for that) shows me that webpay is trying to poll a transaction that has already been completed, a successful purchase.

Not sure if this is the one but I can see webpay:6834dc7c-2a44-4b47-a0b9-7476cd81bc2c in the log that is polled in this way. If I trace that in webpay and solitude I can confirm that firstly that transaction is completed normally but subsequently, webpay tries to start every payments with that same transaction ID which fails.

I don't have any theories yet on why this is happening.
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Vikas, I added some more server logging to help me figure this out. Can you go through the steps to reproduce the issue again? No need to attach anything, I just want to see what the new logs tell me.
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Kumar, I am no longer receiving this error message. I am once again seeing the "Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again" message when attempting to purchase any tier, see link for more info.

Let me know if you would still like me to try and purchase any tier so you can grab logs.
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ok then I'll guess we'll just have to wait until it happens again because I don't know how to reproduce it. Thanks.
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oh, just to be clear, this is how you were reproducing it before on stage:

- buy hosted app #1
- complete the purchase
- with Marketplace still open, try to buy hosted app #2

I can see from the logs that this is how you produced the error.
The purchase you are referring to was completed via credit card billing method. I believe I purchased pricetier 6 using a credit card and installed the app. I then attempted to purchase another app and then this issue started occurring.  Note after purchasing pricetier 6 I was not able to purchase any more apps that evening.
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