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Missing attachment notification/reminder does not go away even after adding attachment


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Thunderbird 28.0


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If I inlude the word "attach" into the body of a message, the attachment notification bar pops up, but it never disappears even if I attach an attachment. Even when clicking Send, I still get the warning that attachment is missing. This seems to be fallout from bug 562048.
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28.0 beta. Tried three different series of steps to send an attachment. In Procedure 1 and 2, Attachment Reminder is displayed even though an attachment has already been dragged and dropped into the message. In Procedure 3, no reminder is displayed.

Procedure(1) Typed a new email message containing text "Your file is attached." Added file attachment by dnd. Clicked Send. Attachment Reminder displays: "Did you forget to add an attachment?" 

Procedure(2) Opened a new email message. Dragged and dropped attachment into the mail before typing email text. Typed "Your file is attached." Clicked Send. Attachment Reminder displays: "Did you forget to add an attachment?" 

Procedure(3) Sent message using either procedure above after clicking "No, Send Now" on the Attachment Reminder dialog that was displayed. Opened Sent folder, selected the message, containing the attachment, that was just sent, and selected Edit As New from context menu. After message opened, clicked Send. In this instance, the Attachment Reminder is NOT displayed. Message containing attachment is sent without Reminder.
If attachment reminder is not closed when adding attachment via drag and drop then it is a different problem. Please file a new bug, but first try it in TB30+ (or TB29 beta that will be out in days).
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