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There two tests "text inputmode" and "Keyboard" in UITest app which provide rather similar functionality. We should merge them into one test.

Note that Keyboard test is used by gaia-ui-test and should be modified with care.
Assignee: nobody → tjao
Blocks: eng-mode
Zac, would you please verify the code change of test_keyboard_predictive_key.py for me?
I made some changes to the layout of this test and broke test_keyboard_predictive_key.py. The reason is that the second keyboard_page.tap_text_input() will click at the "center" of the text field. If the text field is too short (in this case), it will click on the characters and caret will not be at the end of the string. This makes predicative words disappear.

For example, we expected "keyboard|" but the result is "keyboa|rd"
| is the position of caret.

I don't know why would we needs to switch to system frame and then switch back. So I just remove them and we will not face the problem of second keyboard_page.tap_text_input()
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Attachment #8337643 - Flags: review?(gasolin)
Hey Tom, yes you are right, that excess frame switching was a bit of a fudge around because of the behaviour of the keyboard app object. We actually addressed that last week but I have not got to removing the redundant frame switching from tests yet. Thanks for doing it for me on this test!
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The python test changes are r+!
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Looks better, thanks!
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merged in gaia-master https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/commit/f97aa61b01cadbeca0baf986a8acc9e4ecec2932
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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