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Implement a 'media casting' UI


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Attached patch casting-ui v0.1Splinter Review
When the user has initiated casting a video to a second screen device, we need to display some modeless UI in the application for a few reasons:
1. While the video is playing, the user should be allowed to control the playback: Play, Pause and Stop
2. The user should know which second screen device is running the video
3. Since the video is running completely on the second-screen device, the user can continue to browse using Firefox. The casting UI keeps control in front of the user, even if they leave the original web page.

Google has some design considerations for casting UIs on Android (and desktop and iOS) here:

This patch adds a simple UI, based on the Find bar UI.
Attached image fennec-casting-bar.png
Screenshot of the casting UI
Assignee: nobody → mark.finkle
Blocks: 921924
Shouldn't this be a notification as per most other apps. Currently with this, we have the awesomebar icon and this footer bar. We shoulds simply change the colour of the icon on the video and then have a notification that takes the user to the correct tab when clicked. We should also make the video full screen when smaller devices are switched to portrait.
Depends on: 1055471
Assignee: mark.finkle → nobody
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